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Mozilla Firefox Add-ons and Extensions

Add-ons extend Firefox®, letting you personalize your browsing experience. Click the link above to begin browsing how to really make Fiefox® your own!

Add-ons are free installable enhancements to the Firefox® web browser. Add-ons work like miniature programs that work in conjunction with Firefox®. Add-ons allow users to add or augment standard application features, find themes to match personal taste, and handle new types of content. Currently, there are literally thousands of different free add-ons available to Firefox users.

Through add-ons used in conjunction with the Firefox® web browser, it is nearly impossible to overstate the vast array of optional features available to any given Firefox® user. Some examples of add-ons include download managers and accelerators, automatic copying of highlight text in a webpage, automatic mapping of a highlighted address, language translators for highlighted text, and dictionary lookup for right-clicked words. There are also many utility add-ons, such as an Internet Protocol (IP) finder that shows the current website’s numerical IP address in the task bar, a cache cleaner button, and a cookie manager add-on that brings up all cookies with the click of a button, allowing deletion or other options. That's just to name a few of the many!